Which WWE star is a former Packer?

Which WWE and WCW star is a former Packer?

Larry Pfohl with the Alouettes.

Offensive lineman Larry Pfohl has become a famous athlete, entertaining millions of fans, but only has his alter ego Lex Luger, not as the offensive lineman he wanted to become.

Growing up in Orchard Park, N.Y., Pfohl wanted to become a football standout on the offensive line like his heroes on the Buffalo Bills. However, college coaches wanted to move the lineman to linebacker. Pfohl spent one year at Penn State but transferred to the University of Miami in order remain on the offensive line.

He only lasted one season in Miami, and after his sophomore year.

Pfohl played for the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes for three seasons (1979-81), then made it into camp for the Green Bay Packers. Pfohl was on the 1982 Packers roster, but was on injured reserve and didn’t play in a single game.

Larry Pfohl as Lex Luger the pro wrestler.



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