Why is Jack Eskridge important to Dallas Cowboys fans?

Why is Jack Eskridge important to Dallas Cowboys fans?

The blue star for the Dallas Cowboys is meant to represent that Texas is the “Lone Star State.”

Jack Eskridge

Jack Eskridge is credited with designing the iconic star logo. Eskridge, a former Marine who witnessed both flag raisings at Iwo Jima, was one of the first employees in Cowboys history. Though the team didn’t take the field until 1960, Eskridge was hired in 1959 by Tom Landry. One of his first duties was the update the simple white star logo. Eskridge made the star blue and gave it a blue outline to give it a 3D effect.

Eskridge died in 2013, but not before seeing his grandson, Zack, tryout for the Cowboys. Zach Eskridge was cut during the preseason of the 2011 season before starting a career in Arena Football League.


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