“Weaponized Baseball” Code Breaking Challenge – cipher 3

In the back of “Weaponized Baseball: Declassified, Withheld Stories Reveal Baseball’s Hidden Role in Geopolitics, International Military Action, Mental Manipulation & Mass Distraction” by Scott A. Rowan, readers will find three codes.

In addition to revealing previously untold stories about baseball’s often-unseen role in global events, Weaponized Baseball also provides a way to learn how to crack codes, ciphers and hidden messages of all types.

Though the contest to win free swag is over, Sport of History is honored to be the exclusive online news partner allowed to share these codes.

You can easily find the other two codes in this series here:

To learn more about Weaponized Baseball, here’s the link to the book’s official page and store.

Feel free to email us if you want to want to check your answer (though we’re pretty sure you’ll recognize it once you have the correct answer). We’re always looking to try new ciphers and codes so if you have one for us, feel free to share it at: soh [at] sherpamultimedia [dot] com.

Good luck with the puzzle!


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