Which U.S. President played football at Harvard?

Which U.S. President played football at Harvard University?

Unlike his brother Robert and Edward, John F. Kennedy didn’t play football very well for Harvard. Both Robert and Edward lettered in football at Harvard, but John Kennedy was underwhelming.

“The most adept pass catcher was John Kennedy, but his lack of weight was a drawback,” Kennedy’s freshman coach assessed after the lone season that the future president played junior varsity football at Harvard.

Though listed as 6-foot-1 and 163 pounds, Kennedy never played beyond his freshman year because of a back injury and illnesses. He joined the swim team for two years, but his frail health limited him in that sport as well.

The 35th President of the United States, Kennedy used sports footage of himself sailing and playing football on the lawn at his family’s house to portray himself as healthy and physically fit. However, the truth was that his physical activity was limited to playing family games of football at the home, not competitive ones in public.

John F. Kennedy in the team photo for Harvard’s freshman team.