Which U.S. President played football at Eureka College?

Which U.S. President played football at Eureka College?

The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, played right guard on the Eureka College football before graduating in 1932.

Reagan’s presence is everywhere at the tiny school located in Eureka, Illinois. Part of the tradition for home football games at McKenzie Field is that the Red Devils football team carries an ax to the sideline to pay homage to Reagan.

Reagan’s greatest sports achievements happened after college. Before he became president, Reagan was a sports radio broadcaster covering Chicago Cubs games. In fact, if it had not been for his spring training coverage of the Cubs, his entire acting career – and ensuing political path – would never have happened.

Prior to becoming a famous politician, Reagan was a popular actor who portrayed MLB pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander in his life story. However, Reagan’s most famous film was “Knute Rockne: All American” where he played Notre Dame football icon George Gipp, nicknamed the Gipper. In the 1940 film, Reagan as Gipp urges his teammates to play without him while he is hospitalized saying, “just win one for the Gipper.”






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