What is oldest NFL nickname?

What is oldest NFL nickname?

The oldest NFL nickname dates back to 1921, the first year of the American Professional Football Association, which changed its name to the National Football League the next season.

Three current NFL teams played in that 1921 season: Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, and Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Packers are the only team in NFL history that has kept its nickname the entire history and stayed in the same town.

The Packers only rival for such a benchmark is Chicago. The Chicago Bears began as the Decatur Staleys for 1921, but renamed as the Chicago Bears for the 1922 season, meaning the Packers beat them for longest nickname history by one season.

The Arizona Cardinals began as the Chicago Cardinals and maintained their team nickname for all but one season. In 1944, the team merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers and took the Steelers name. In 1945, the Chicago Cardinals returned. However, the Cardinals left Chicago for St. Louis in 1960 before moving to Phoenix in 1988.


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