Which MLB team drafted Mike Vick?

Which MLB team drafted Mike Vick?

Mike Vick

MLB draft: In 2000, the Colorado Rockies drafted Michael “Mike” Vick out of Virginia Tech in the 30th round.

NFL draft: In 2001, the Atlanta Falcons drafted Vick with the first overall pick.

Details: The fleet feet Mike Vick displayed as a freshman at Virginia Tech were enough for the Rockies to take a chance with a late-round risk. Even though Vick had not played baseball since the eighth grade, the Rockies saw a phenomenal athlete who just may want to give baseball a shot.

“When you can run like him, our feeling was he could cover some ground for us in the outfield,” explained Bill Schmidt, the Rockies director of scouting at the time. “I didn’t think it was a major investment at that point (30th pick). If it didn’t work out, we could take a chance. Michael Jordan tried (baseball). Maybe he might want to make a run at it.”


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