Which MLB team drafted Kyle Long?

Which MLB team drafted Kyle Long?

Kyle Long

MLB draft: In 2008, the Chicago White Sox drafted Kyle Long out of high school in the 23rd round.

NFL draft: In 2013, the Chicago Bears drafted Long in the first round with the 20th overall pick.

Details: The son of Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long, Kyle Long was so physically large as a junior in high school that White Sox scout Doug Laumann thought the 17-year-old was a college football player. Laumann was in Cincinnati for a scouting showcase and was stunned to learn that the huge kid who “looked like Paul Bunyan” was a Ruthian athlete who could be “a can’t-miss first-round pick for that next year.

“He was a man amongst boys, throwing 95 or 96 [mph] from the left side,” Laumann recounted after the Bears drafted Long in 2013. “My son, Jackson, was with me, he was 13 at the time, and we were both like, ‘Who is this dude?'”

In addition to being a fastball-hurling southpaw, Long was belting tape-measure home runs left and right. Laumann claimed that Long’s homers were bouncing off the top of nearby buildings, more than 440 feet from home plate. Remember, this was merely a high school junior.

Long returned to high school for his senior season and dedicated himself to football. The White Sox drafted Long knowing about his hope to play football but took the chance he may want to return to the diamond one day. He hasn’t yet. Long has been named to the Pro Bowl three times in his first five years with the Bears.


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