Which MLB team drafted Jay Schroeder?

Which MLB team drafted Jay Schroeder?

Jay Schroeder

MLB draft:  In 1979, the Toronto Blue Jays drafted Jay Schroeder out of high school with the third overall pick.

NFL draft: In 1983, the Washington Redskins drafted Schroeder out of UCLA in the third round with the 83rd overall pick.

Details: After four years in the Blue Jays’ organization it was clear that Schroeder wasn’t going to make it to the majors. Starting off as a catcher, he was moved to third and then the outfield before the Redskins gave him another option. Schroeder led the Redskins to victory in Super Bowl XXII against the Denver Broncos, who were led by quarterback John Elway, who was also taken in the same 1979 MLB draft as Schroder but by the Royals.


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