Which MLB team drafted Brandon Weeden?

Which MLB team drafted Brandon Weeden?

Brandon Weeden

MLB draft: In 2002, the New York Yankees drafted Brandon Weeden out of high school.

NFL Draft: In 2012, the Cleveland Browns drafted Weeden out of Oklahoma State in the first round with the 22nd pick overall.

Details: Possessing two-sport skills that do not come around often, Weeden became the oldest first-round draft pick in NFL history because football was his second professional sport. The Yankees drafted the right-handed pitcher out of high school and he spent four years in A-level baseball playing for the Yankees, Dodgers, and Royals. By 2007, Weeden saw the writing on the wall and knew professional baseball wasn’t going to be his calling so he enrolled at Oklahoma State. Even though he was years older than his teammates, Weeden worked his way up the depth chart like any other player, eventually starting at quarterback in 2010 and 2011.


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