Green Bay’s first in music history

Green Bay’s first in music history

The first fight song in NFL history was written in 1931 by Eric Karll for the Green Bay Packers. A Milwaukee-based jingle writer, Karll wrote “Go! You Packers! Go” which was first played by the Lumberjack Band at a 1931 Packers game.

Today, fans hear a recorded version of the song at games that was recorded in 1992.

However, in 2011, platinum-selling band Garbage produced an updated version of the fight song. Released in time for the NFC Championship, the Garbage revision of “Go! You Packers! Go!” doesn’t have singer Shirley Manson on vocals, instead Madison-based bandmates Butch Vig and Duke Erickson back the vocals of Chad Zaemish. Without Manson on the song, the trio called themselves 6 Packers instead of Garbage.

Unfortunately, the new version of “Go! You Packers! Go!” didn’t bring any good luck. The Packers lost the 2011 NFC Championship to the New York Giants, 37-20.

Go! You Packers! Go!
by Eric Karll

Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here to yell for you,
And keep you going in your winning ways.
Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here to tell you, too,
That win or lose, we’ll always sing your praises.

Go, You Packers, Go and get ’em.
Go, You fighting fools upset ’em.

Smash their line with all your might.
A touchdown, Packers, Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight on, you Blue and Gold* to glory,
Win the game, the same old story,
Fight, you Packers, Fight
And bring the bacon home
To old Green Bay!

* = Packers team colors were blue and gold from 1919-48 and again partially from 1954-57.


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