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The working theory behind our stories here at SOH is that every story in human history can fall into one of four categories: Commerce, Entertainment, Religion, and Law & Order.

This page is dedicated to arguably the oldest category of stories: entertainment. Covering everything from Greek tragedy to YouTube celebrities not to mention film history, music pioneers, live acts and, of course, athletic performances, the Entertainment category is massive in its depth and breadth of topics. At its heart, sports is an athletic performance form of entertainment, so it would be possible to fill this category with thousands of benchmark moments in sports that skew toward the boring (the first time a player did X, first time a coach did Y, for example). To filter out the most important athletic stories, SOH focuses one those athletic moments that contributed to or altered global discussion, worldwide awareness and/or otherwise have claim to a superlative moment in areas where the game altered the real world outside of the stadium and beyond the box score.


Who were the Green Bay Indians?

October 17, 2018

Who were the Green Bay Indians? Before the National Football League began in 1921 (called the American Professional Football Association for the first season), the [MORE …]


What is oldest NFL nickname?

September 28, 2018

What is oldest NFL nickname? The oldest NFL nickname dates back to 1921, the first year of the American Professional Football Association, which changed its [MORE …]

Cardinals (football)

Who were the “Carpets”?

August 10, 2018

Who were the Carpets? Officially known to the NFL record books as the 1944 Card-Pitts, the one-time merger of the Chicago Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers [MORE …]


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