What is the birthday of Green Bay Packers?

What is the birthdate of the Green Bay Packers?

The birthdate of the Green Bay Packers goes back to August 11, 1919.

The “birth” of the Packers happened on the second-floor of the Green Bay Press-Gazette newspaper building on Cherry Street. (The building no longer exists.) The meetings were held at the newspaper because that’s where George Whitney Calhoun worked as sports editor. His support for the brand new team was the most important because he controlled the stories in the newspaper that either ran or didn’t run about the team.

With the support of Calhoun and the Press-Gazette, the Packers were able to guarantee both media exposure and, more importantly as a key stockholder in 1923. Curly Lambeau and Calhoun had known each other for years and together they agreed they could make professional football work in Green Bay if they partnered on the deal. Lambeau would arrange for sponsorships and players, Calhoun would publicize and promote.

On August 14, 1919, three days after the initial meeting to discuss details about the proposed team, Calhoun was officially named team manager and Lambeau team captain.

In 1923, when the Packers were forced to sell stock in order to remain in existence, the Green Bay Newspaper Co., publisher of Calhoun’s Press-Gazette, bought $5,000 of Packers stock which kept the team solvent.

George Whitney Calhoun


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