Who are only 2 MLB managers with their number retired by 2 teams?

Who are only 2 MLB manager with number retired by 2 teams?

With more than a half-century of combined managerial experience and 10 World Series titles, former managers Casey Stengel and Sparky Anderson share an unusual level of respect by their former teams. They are the only two Major League Baseball managers to have their numbers retired by two different teams.

Casey Stengel

Known as The Old Professor, Stengel spent 54 years in pro baseball, including 25 seasons as manager of the Dodgers (3 seasons), Braves (6), Yankees (12) and Mets (4), Stengel was known to be tough, abrasive, and often hilarious in his blunt assessments.

In 1965, the year Stengel retired, the Mets retired his No. 37.

In 1970, the Yankees retired the same number in honor of The Old Professor.

Sparky Anderson

After one season as a mediocre player, Sparky Anderson began his 26-year run as one of baseball’s best managers. During his nine years guiding the Cincinnati Reds, Anderson won two World Series titles. In 17 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, Anderson added another championship to his resume with the 1984 World Series title.

In 2005, the Reds retired Anderson’s No. 10.

In 2011, the Tigers retired No. 11 in honor of the manager most fans referred to as Sparky. That wasn’t so much as his name as the best description for the fiery manager, whose aggressive style and short fuse also earned him the nickname Captain Hook.

Casey Stengel, left, and Sparky Anderson.


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